‘I’ve used many other types of sales training in my career, and the Peak4 platform fills a void that has existed for years. With constraints on time and resources, Peak4 training provides a first-class resource that is serving us extremely well.’

– Mark Mahoney, Vice President Sales, Red Lion Hotels Corporation

‘Our partnership with Peak4 allows us to take over management of a hotel and immediately initiate a sales effort that is consistent with our proven best practices for maximizing hotel revenue. We have minimized the potential for conflicting sales guidelines; and we do not solely depend on local management passing on our sales techniques.’

– John Manderfeld, President, Marin Management, Inc.

‘We put our entire front desk staff through your sales training. Now they’re helping bring in new business leads to the sales department. Great job on a wonderful training program.’

– Dave L., Director of Sales, Sacramento, CA

‘The program offers a lot of insight into the hotel sales industry. I have been in the hospitality industry… for 8 years now, and this program hits every aspect that I have been trained on myself! Good job!’

– Robbie, Florida

‘During the interview it was extremely valuable to have the knowledge from the Peak4 hotel sales course. When the sales director asked me questions, I had the knowledge of what she was talking about and what she was looking for…’

– D.R., Pennsylvania

‘Great course! I landed my first job as a hotel sales manager at a medium-sized hotel in South San Francisco, and now have a job making even more money at a 4 star hotel in Downtown San Francisco. Thank you Peak4.’

– Kelly, San Francisco

‘I thought it was an extremely beneficial program. It is something I would recommend to anybody in sales, especially people as fresh as myself. Thank you for helping me start a new sales career.’

– Darren, Nebraska

‘I found the training program to be very helpful and a great boost prior to my interview for a hotel sales position. I will be including the Peak4 certificate on my resume.’

– Kristina, West Virginia