Four Direct Sales Action Plans for Social Media Marketing

This is Part One of Peak4‘s Social Media Marketing Series

Social media – You know you should be using it to drive revenue for your hotel. But with so many channels and options, how can you use it intelligently? In this series, we present several techniques for driving sales via social media.

Action Plan 1: Develop personalized web pages for your customers and demand generators

Develop a personalized “promo blog” web page for each account your hotel is targeting to capture from competing hotels.

Example: A hotel is targeting MegaBucks, Inc. The hotel sales manager develops a MegaBucks, Inc. promo blog that is routinely updated with specials and offers to drive MegaBucks travelers to the hotel (for example, 2 $10.00 Starbucks gift cards, $5.00 off in the hotel’s gift shop, free dessert with purchase of entree). The sales manager makes sure the link is shared with both MegaBucks travel planners and MegaBucks employees themselves to most effectively capture business from the account.

Use this tactic to drive business from numerous IBT and group accounts.

Action Plan 2: Develop personalized web pages for local demand generators

Share the link to your promo blog with key personnel and influencers that are involved with the demand generator. Frequently post specials and packages on your promo blog designed to attract travelers that visit the targeted demand generator. Examples of offers: 20% off your hotel’s best available rate, $5.00 rebate to the organization, third night free offers, and discounted group rates. Targets include colleges, high schools, museums, entertainment venues, soccer fields, and more.

Be sure and ask your contacts to place the promo blog link on their web page. Update the promo blog frequently with specials, offers, and special interest messages to increase business for your hotel. The key is to avoid working with a webmaster that takes days or weeks to update your page.

Action Plan 3: Enhance the effectiveness of your facebook and twitter accounts

Insert your own hotel links, along with YouTube videos of your hotel, into your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Include personalized messages placed strategically beneath each YouTube video. Video is becoming ever-more important.  Studies have shown that the use of video can increase your conversion rates by as much as 40%.

Action Plan 4: Develop and manage your own free press releases

Develop and manage your own free press releases through a service such as Promote your hotel’s recent events and newsworthy packages and promotions on this site

Enhance the press releases with personalized videos of your hotel and allow the consumer to email you back with comments, feedback, and business leads. By allowing visitors to send you messages and comments, your press releases will generate additional business leads.