Promos, landing pages, target marketing – as easy as 1-2-3!

promo samplesAre you ready to stand out from the competition? Simply choose a branded template and create your promo, proposal or landing page, then send the web link to your client or post to your social media channels. All your documents are stored in your own online database for easy management.

Select promo designs for your own templates. Use the link in social media, press releases, and other marketing tools. Your Promo is active until you delete it. We will brand your  templates so they reflect your online presence.

  • Includes 2 branded templates
  • Overview slideshow
  • Unlimited user accounts for your property
  • Ask about volume discounts for multiple properties
    *You provide the images, we do the rest!
  • Get PDQ Promo Builder PRO for multiple properties
  • Volume discount
  • Great for hotel management companies
  • Contact Peak4 for more information

Features and Benefits

The PDQ Promobuilder is convenient…

  • Allow your team to develop and send unique promotions and offers within minutes
  • Maintain your Promo Builder pages in an easy-to-use database
  • Increase the number of communications and touch points your sales team sends to potential customers because they are so easy to use
  • Eliminate cutting and pasting and the chance of unprofessional PDF or MS Word-based e-mail attachments being sent to your valuable clients

The PDQ Promobuilder is effective…

  • Give your sales team a competitive edge with dynamic and creative promos and landing page templates that stand out above the competition
  • Add meta-tags to your Promo Builder pages to help increase search engine rankings

The PDQ Promobuilder is custom…

  • Promos and landing pages reflect your branding
  • Engage your customers with your own site photos
  • Highlight key features with customized client-specific messages

The PDQ Promobuilder is affordable…

  • Under an affordable month-to-month contract, your entire staff can use the Promo Builder to promote your business
  • No costly training required – it is that easy to use!

The PDQ Promobuilder is easy to manage…

  • Sales team member; create and maintain your own set of online Promo Builder pages
  • DOS or other designated manager; view your entire team’s Promo Builder pages with a click of a button; quickly add or remove access privileges for individual associates
  • Sort Promo Builder pages by event date to find templates for future campaigns and sales calls
  • Update text, links, and formatting with just a few key strokes; no HTML experience required
  • Mine your Promo Builder database to fill future need dates